Building Better Business
You are if you answer yes to any of these questions.
You know that you have bottlenecks in your business but don't know how to resolve them
You're not following up on leads (money falling through the cracks)
You don't really have a way to track your sales funnel conversions
What's a sales funnel?
You're leaving money on the table by not up-selling consistently
You don't routinely ask for feedback from your customers
You don't ask customers for referrals
You have a comparatively low number of active customers compared to the size of your database
You have staff members doing the same thing over and over (like collecting money, generating invoices, emailing customers for testimonials)
"Come on... there must be some software that can do that..."
Is the point that most of our customers are at when we first meet them. And the answer is usually, "Yes, most likely there is". But the question is rarely that simple.

PREVAIL Solutions will get to the bottom of your bottlenecks, and then put technology to work in your business so that you can automate repetitive tasks, always follow up with prospects, never miss an opportunity and be continuously engaged with your clients. 

Software systems never sleep, never take a day off and allow you to scale your business, while still retaining a personal touch with your customers.

Whether succession planning, purchasing a business, looking to sell or simply wanting to grow your company, PREVAIL Solutions has the answer.
We will work with you to understand where the bottlenecks lie in your business that are restricting your growth. This starts with an understanding of the structure of your company. 

We will build an organising board and flow diagrams to define who does what, and which functions are required to deliver your product or service. We then analyse which parts of the process are causing bottlenecks, and we assess how to streamline the operation (usually by introducing automation to streamline the flow of information).

The end result of this stage is an organising board for your business as well as marketing and business flow diagrams. These are used to build the funnels and the automation.
A simple sales flow diagram
An example of a flash-sale (monetisation) funnel
We focus on three main funnel types for maximum return (each of these funnel types contains a number of specific funnels).
  • Acquisition Funnels: To get new leads into your database. This usually involves a lead magnet and email sequence.
  • Activation Funnels: To "activate" existing contacts. In other words, to get those that are already in your database buying from you, and
  • Monetisation Funnels: Designed specifically to generate cashflow. These typically involve flash sales
We will work with you to define your 'value ladder' (the process to take someone from a free lead magnet to your highest value offer) and then to decide on and implement your funnel. We focus on 'profit maximisers' (that is, additional, one time offers during the sale process to increase profit). 

The right funnel, to the right audience, at the right time will change your life.
A smart, scalable business needs systems to look after repetitive tasks - it's that simple. We help you to tie the strategy into the marketing funnels using business process automation. This is the 'outsourcing' of administrative tasks, like follow ups, reminders to pay, leadup to webinar reminders, education about your products, etc to set-and-forget 'systems', which never sleep and never take time off. 

Automation allows you grow, it makes your business more attractive to investors or (if you are a franchise) to licensees. It also allows you to manage your business remotely and to lock in intellectual property, leveraging technology in all the right places to improve your business and your life.

Most importantly, it provides you with freedom and a business that is easier to run. This means you get time back.

Make your business Scalable | Repeatable | Delegatable | Sellable
An example of a "happy customer" campaign which just runs and runs for every eligible person
A funnel explained
Click HERE to see Click Funnels in action.
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